Principal's Message

At Bell Intermediate Academy, education is our business, and we take it seriously. You have entrusted your child with us, and the staff at Bell Intermediate Academy takes pride in providing a safe school environment that leads students to academic and extra-curricular successes. We will teach your child the State Standards and essential skills; we will motivate your child to achieve in the classroom, in various competitive situations, and as a citizen of our school community. You will see the results through recognition programs and on progress reports, ISTEP+ test scores, quizzes, tests, and final grades. Grade issue dates and other important school information can be found in the Student Agenda Book, on the school website, and on bi-monthly newsletters. Your child is given a Student Agenda Book to write his/her assignments which you can review every evening. We expect students to have good attendance, complete their homework every evening, study for quizzes and tests, and be respectful of self, others, and property. Most importantly, we expect students to have a serious, positive attitude about school. If you have any questions or problems throughout the school year, please connect with me or the teacher or coach in charge. We appreciate your support with your child’s academic pursuits, and we encourage all students to be the best they can be every day. The Bell Intermediate Academy staff looks forward to partnering with you this school year. Thank you for all of your efforts.

Respectfully, Suzie Lipps.