About us

Welcome to Bell Intermediate Academy!

Our mission is to inspire every student to be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn on a daily basis.  Through a guaranteed and viable curriculum, all students will be provided adequate time to master the Indiana Academic Standards while learning at a level that meets their individual needs.  We value your support and involvement and look forward to a tremendous school year.

-Ryan Setterlof, Principal


5th Grade Orientation Slideshow



Ryan Setterlof

1459 East Columbus Street
Martinsville, IN  46151

5th Grade Orientation Slideshow


Bell Intermediate Academy will develop students who…

  • BELIEVE…in themselves so that they
  • EMPOWER…each other with knowledge to be
  • LIFE-LONG LEARNERS…at Bell, Wooden and beyond
  • LEADERS…ready to make a positive impact on their community!


We believe that the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of our school is to develop our capacity as a professional learning community. We envision a school in which ALL STAFF:

  • Work together interdependently in collaborative teams
  • Provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum, unit by unit
  • Seek and implement best practices aimed at improving student learning
  • Monitor all students’ progress through common formative/summative assessments
  • Seek continuous improvement and professional development
  • Develop a partnership with parents to improve and support learning