Dr. Arthur Message

30 Apr, 2020

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Good Afternoon Artesian Families,

Thank you for your persistence and grit as we’ve foraged this path together over the last 7-8 weeks. I never thought in one million years we’d be sitting here contemplating end of year ceremonies, athletics moving forward and how to reopen schools next fall. It’s a strange time for all.

On Tuesday, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) provided clarification that the Governor’s executive order on school closure identified the end of the school year for all schools across Indiana as June 30, 2020* (see below). School facilities and property are to remain closed until this date with the exception of “essential” school business as determined by the local school district. This clarification has caused our team to reexamine our original plan regarding the closing of the school year. We will work to identify those essential tasks and create a solution that will allow for the end of the school year as best we can under these unusual circumstances.

*** For clarification, our last day of school is still Thursday, May 14th. This executive order means that no one is to be in school buildings or on school property through June 30.


Due to IDOE guidelines, we will have to postpone our graduation ceremony originally scheduled for May 23, 2020, but will follow up soon with an alternative plan** (see below). Even though our ceremony will be postponed, on May 23rd, we will have a Pre-Graduation Virtual Party, an online social media campaign highlighting our graduates. We have more surprises happening in the month of May to honor our seniors. Stay tuned.


Thank you, families, for your patience. Stay Safe. Be well.


Dr. Jay Arthur
MSD of Martinsville