Most frequently asked questions

The COVID virus is serious. We will do everything we can to protect our students and staff. Over the summer, the MSD team worked with the Morgan County Dept of Health, Indiana Dept of Health, IN Dept of Education, Morgan County school superintendents, our nursing team, MSD directors, principals and our Teachers’ Union to prepare for the start of school. We are proud of our Back to School Plan that we produced together.

We are beginning the year in RED because the case numbers in Indiana are rising. As the State of Indiana takes precautions, so must the district to ensure families we are ready for the volume of students entering school. In addition, it is important to us that our teachers and staff are fully acclimated and understand protocol when students arrive on school campuses.

We believe that in order to keep students and their families safe masks must be worn. Masks are required on buses and on school grounds. We understand that this a challenge for all students especially in our younger grades. Please see our In The Classroom page to learn more. 

Our focus is to communicate to parents through emails and telephone calls. We will then upload information to our website, social media, to community and send press releases to media. 

Any cloth which covers the nose and mouth simultaneously. Please visit our In the Classroom page.

We will contact families directly about student meal options when students are eLearning. Also, a good resource is to visit our Food Service Department, artiescafe.org.

We know that students learn best when in the classroom. Our genuine hope is to keep students in the classroom all year. Our goals are to minimize movement and socially distance students while also creating a nurturing environment. Specifically, we have hired a Director of Student Services (the only district in the county to do so) to assist with a COVID-related questions, to monitor COVID within buildings, contact trace when necessary, and be our liaison to the Morgan County Dept of Health and IN State Dept of Health. Students prekindergarten through 8th grade will remain in a classroom with teachers coming into the space to teach. For prekindergarten – 8th grade, lunches will come to students. High school students will have less class periods to minimize movement. Every Wednesday we are deep cleaning buildings, in addition to daily cleaning. Families, to learn more about our safety procedures within schools, please visit our In the Classroom page. 

Yes, please see our Back to School page for specific details.

The MSD of Martinsville COVID Dashboard can be found on our homepage, www.msdofmartinsville.org/covid-dashboard/