Hammons Alternative School

Director’s Message

WELCOME TO MARTINSVILLE HAMMONS ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL where students demonstrate Responsibility, Academic Achievement and Personal Growth to earn a Core 40 diploma is our most important business. At Martinsville Hammons Alternative School, we take our role in all of our students’ educational journeys seriously. Parents have entrusted their children to us, and the staff takes pride in providing a safe school environment that leads students to earn academic success and their Core 40 diplomas.

Using a blended curriculum at Martinsville Hammons Alternative School, we customize a curricular plan that is individual for each student in his/her pursuit of a Core 40 diploma. By integrating various learning alternatives, every student at Martinsville Hammons Alternative School has the opportunity to take all of the needed coursework to earn a Core 40 diploma. The blended learning options available to Martinsville Hammons Alternative School students are GradPoint (a web-based curricular program), internships, classes at Martinsville High School, vocational courses at Hoosier Hills in Bloomington, or PRIDE Program involvement at MHS.

At Hammons, Teacher Melody Bentley and Director Suzie Lipps play an integral role in scheduling each student individually with his/her Individual Service Plan (ISP). Using the “Core-40/4-year plan,” emphasis on College and Career Readiness standards, and a brochure of potential pathways, the scheduling team identifies the student’s specific IDOE Career Pathway and discusses student transportation as it relates to attending MHS or HHCC, respectively. If students are behind in earning credits, they need to dedicate more time to their curricular goals, taking advantage of the various educational time slots during the day, night school, or summer school. Martinsville Hammons Alternative School’s scheduling team works closely with students and parents to create the best individual plan for the student to obtain his/her Core 40 diploma to be in compliance with recent federal changes toward the district’s graduation rate.
#WinningAtSchool #PreparingForLife

We motivate students to win at school and to be positive, contributing citizens of our school community. We expect students to have good attendance, work diligently to earn credits, and be respectful of self, others, and property. Most importantly, we expect students to have a serious, positive attitude about school, being the best they can be every day in pursuance of their Core 40 Diploma. Celebrating student achievement is part of the fabric of our day-to-day climate. Martinsville Hammons Alternative School staff members appreciate parent support and embrace the partnership with their child’s academic pursuits. As students journey through the school year, we encourage and welcome parents to reach out for help or to provide feedback. Martinsville Hammons Alternative School students work every day with three mindsets: Belief, Pride, Value.

  • Belief in dedicated effort.
  • Pride in quality work.
  • Value in the importance of education.

Suzie Lipps, Director