Artesian Center for Excellence (A.C.E)

Welcome to the student-renamed —> Artesian Center for Excellence (A.C.E)!

Our goal is for students to demonstrate responsibility, academic achievement, and personal growth in order to earn their Core 40 diploma.  We are part of Martinsville High School but serve our students off-campus. Our program includes a blended curriculum model to engage our students. For example, we offer GradPoint, a nationally-recognized online curriculum program. In addition, through Martinsville High School (MHS), students may take classes/vocational courses (MHS & Hoosier Hills), join the MHS P.R.I.D.E ™ program (career readiness), or participate in internships.

Our staff plays an integral role in creating with students and their families each student’s Individual Service Plan (ISP). With an emphasis on college and career readiness standards, we focus on:

  1. the Core 40/4-year plan from the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE).
  2. helping students define their career pathways.
  3. determining transportation needs.
  4. earning credits for students who may be slightly behind.

We motivate students to win at school and to be positive, contributing citizens of our school community. We expect students to have good attendance, work diligently to earn credits, and be respectful of self, others, and property. Most importantly, we expect students to have a serious, positive attitude about school being their best every day while they pursue their diplomas.

We appreciate parent support and embrace the partnership with their child’s academic pursuits. As students journey through the school year, we encourage and welcome parents to reach out for help or to provide feedback.