Principal’s Message

Welcome to Martinsville High School - home of the Artesians! Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer!  I'll begin sending a "Newsletter" via email this week.  If you do not receive one and would like to be added to the list - just let us know! Lots of great things going on here in Artie Nation!  We're looking forward to the '22-'23 school year with great enthusiasm! As your new Principal and a proud Graduate of Martinsville High School - I want to say that...I was very lucky to grow up when I grew up, where I grew up, and who I grew up with.  Our goal is to help provide opportunities and experiences for all students here at Martinsville High School to be able to say that in future years. Anything you need...any questions...please do not hesitate to contact us! ARTESIANS ATTACK! Thanks, Jeff Bell - Principal


Located at 1360 E Gray St, Martinsville, IN, 46151
Telephone (765) 342-5571 Fax (765) 349-5256

Martinsville High School has an enrollment of approximately 1,550 students in grades 9-12. The strengths of our building are our people, student choice, and a dedication to continuous improvement.

Our People: There are 93 certified faculty members (teachers, counselors, and administrators). Additionally, students and community members are served by approximately 25 support staff members.

Student Choice: Scheduling includes courses in vocational and technology education (construction trades, precision machining, agriculture, automotive, welding), core subject areas that include dual credit and Advance Placement, world languages (French, German, Spanish, American Sign Language), music education, art, business, family and consumer science, and more!

Students also choose from 20 varsity athletic teams, 30 club organizations, a strong music program, and academic teams! We are home to 20 team state championships, 11 individual state championships, and 7 IHSAA mental attitude winners. The girl’s golf team is among the state’s leading programs over the last 25 years under the consistent leadership of Coach Sharon Most. You can view more athletic information and club information through this website. Students may also try out for the robotics team which boasts nearly 40 members! The music program enrolls nearly 200 students annually and is the winner of the All Music Award for the second consecutive year for outstanding performances in band, choir, and orchestra! Last, our spell bowl, super bowl, and decathlon teams have outpaced the pack with more than 30 state championships under the direction of Coach Wayne Babbitt.

Continuous Improvement: Our school improvement plan focuses on writing well-constructed responses across the curriculum and improving student behavior through School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. There is an ongoing effort to improve communication with all stakeholders.