MHS Chromebook Update

30 Sep, 2019

Good Evening Artesian Families!
This morning I was notified of a high school Chromebook device that malfunctioned over the weekend and subsequently melted from the heat of what we believe was possibly a battery malfunction.
Our Director of eLearning and I were on multiple calls with HP today attempting to escalate this problem to the top people based 100% on the safety of our students. At 2:05 today it became apparent that we were not going to get the assurance I was hoping for that all MHS devices are indeed safe. A few minutes later I made the decision that the safety of our students and their families is much more important than access to technology overnight. The high school staff worked swiftly this afternoon to collect all the devices and I am appreciative of how understanding our students were during this last-minute process. These devices will remain at MHS until we are given the all-clear by the maker. HP is currently en route to pick up the damaged device and will overnight it to an engineering facility for assessment. As soon as we get word back from HP about our next steps we will inform you immediately.
To be clear, the only devices impacted by this decision are the ones issued out of MHS, the newest model we own. Devices deployed at other buildings are not impacted.
Finally, thank you for your understanding and support while we get to the bottom of any issues and resolve them. Please know that MHS students will not be penalized for lack of access to their devices and will be given time to make up any missed assignments. Also, we will communicate any eLearning Day changes for the high school that may need to occur in the coming days.
It is my goal as your Superintendent to be clear and transparent about these sorts of things and I hope this message demonstrates my approach to getting out important information in a timely fashion.
Have a great evening!
Dr. Jay Arthur
MSD of Martinsville