19 Feb, 2019

Artesian Parents and Guardians,

I-69 construction has reached Martinsville! The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has determined that construction for the Grand Valley Overpass at Hwy 37 and Wal-Mart area will begin in late February (specific date to be announced).

INDOT requires the use of our MHS parking area (band lot) to house construction equipment. In an effort to keep our children safe, Martinsville High School will soon implement temporary changes for how vehicles enter and exit the high school. (Please see our list below.)

We know these changes are an inconvenience to many in our community. Thank you for your patience as we try to keep our young drivers and pedestrians as far removed from the construction traffic as possible. Since the band lot will be closed, pedestrian walkways will change as well.  Please be mindful of walkers. We believe it is important to ensure that our children are able to cross in front of the high school safely and minimize the amount of vehicle traffic crossing our parking lots.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

MHS Traffic Pattern Changes During Construction

1. York St. from Home Ave. to the high school parking lot (band lot) will be (construction only) traffic. The contractor will be using part of York St. to move heavy equipment and trucks as well as construction materials. It is important that we or our young drivers do not try to “share the road” with these vehicles.

2. Traffic from Illinois St./JR Wooden Dr. will be high school traffic only. You will not be able to travel from JR Wooden Dr. to Gray St. around MHS to reach downtown Martinsville. Please turn right onto Illinois St. to reach the Martinsville downtown area or other access points West.

3. If you enter the high school parking lot from Gray St., you will need to use the back row of the lot as a temporary two-way road. The reason is to keep traffic from the restriped section of the main lot that will be designated as the new band practice area. (There will be concrete barriers as well as new “road” striping to funnel traffic.)

4. A couple of temporary gates will be placed on school lots limiting car access to the front of Martinsville High School. Parents are encouraged to park in the first row of the main lot to pick up students rather than park directly in front of the building. (This is to limit the amount of cut-through traffic and make it safer as the number of students crossing in front of the high school will increase with the moving of the band lot.)


Traffic Pattern Map, MSD of Martinsville, Martinsville Schools, Martinsville, Indiana










Need larger viewing? Or to download, please CLICK HERE!

Thank you for your help during I-69 construction.