National Honor Society Inductees

08 Mar, 2019

The MSD of Martinsville is pleased to announce twenty-three Martinsville High School students were inducted as new members of the National Honor Society last evening in a ceremony at Martinsville High School.




Bridget Balcerak, Savannah Baugh

Caitlyn Cook, Delaney Collier

Macie Crawmer, Miah Ferran

Sophia Finney, Gwendolyn Foley

Amelia Foley, Sophia Foley

Leah Griffin, Katie Huang

Alison McHugh, Aric Peine

Andrew Pilat, Hannah Raney

Caden Rautenkranz, S. Austin Roy

Claire Runkel, Spencer Skaggs

Zayne Spangler, Macey Staley

Magnelia Viewegh

“To become a member of the National Honor Society is not easy,” said Dr. Michele Moore, superintendent, MSD of Martinsville. “We are proud that our students value education and more importantly that they are committed to leadership and service to others.”
For eligibility into the National Honor Society, students must be in grades 10-12, have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, community service contributions and leadership experiences from school or community activities. In addition, they must exhibit good character defined as “cooperative, honest, reliable, shows courtesy and respect for others and generally maintains a clean disciplinary record.”- National Honor Society website,