The safety of our students is most important to us as a district. Our goal is for each child to thrive in a positive and safe educational environment. Each year our district invests in new technology, implements new procedures, and attends professional development seminars in an effort to stay ahead of any unforeseen situation and protect our district. We have implemented a visitor check-in system at all schools, added more surveillance cameras, renovated entryway doors, were one of the first schools in the state to request hand-held, metal detectors offered by Governor Holcomb’s office, and most recently added a 3rd full-time resource (police) officer to our district.

Please review our safety guidelines and procedures below:

Visitor Policy

We have implemented a new visitor policy. Per standard guidelines, any person entering the school must first check-in at the main office. Visitors, including parents and guardians, must have a license or state-issued ID on hand as each school will complete a limited background check if the visitor wishes to have access within the school. The background check may take up to a few days to complete. Please contact the school’s office if you are planning a visit or have not already completed the background check. Again, please note that visitors may not have immediate access.

When preparing to visit any MSD of Martinsville school, please bring:

  • a license or state-issued ID must be on hand.
  • a license or state-issued ID for all lunch and classroom visits, parties, and field trips on or off school grounds.


  1. Any individual entering a school must enter through the main entrance. When at the front door, please press the Aiphone Security System button to communicate with the office. The Aiphone button is located on a box mounted near the front door of each main entrance. Please state your name and the purpose of your visit.
  2. Once doors are opened, all individuals must report directly to the office for check-in.
  3. Each person will be asked or ID, which will be used to process the limited background check. Please note that results of the background check may not be immediate. The office will instruct each person accordingly.
  4. Once the visitor has been approved, a name tag will be given to must be worn at all times while on school grounds.
  5. Please stop by the front office before leaving school to check-out. This is a required safety procedure for all visitors.

Additional Safety/Class Info:

  • Parent/teacher conferences must be arranged in advance. Please make an appointment convenient for both parties, especially when the teacher does not have a child or children in the classroom, or is on duty elsewhere.
  • On occasion, children may bring home notes or newsletters from school. Please read carefully. The newsletter may include updated events, grade information, and other pertinent info valuable to students and parents.


Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are placed on school buses and in the interior and exteriors of school buildings. We have over 300 cameras in our district.

It is the desire of the Board of School Trustees to provide a safe and secure environment for students on buses and in our schools. To this end, the Board of School Trustees authorizes the use of audio-video systems on buses and in schools.

All tapes created as a result of such monitoring are the property of the MSD of Martinsville and access is restricted. Tapes will be maintained for a reasonable period of time and then may be recorded over. Tapes may be viewed only at prescribed locations and upon the authority granted by the Superintendent.

Information obtained as a result of such monitoring may be used to initiate and/or support disciplinary action and to improve safety.


Tip Line

A tip line is now available for anyone to submit a safety concern. To submit a tip, click the link below OR click the icon located in the middle of the MSD of Martinsville’s homepage.

MSD of Martinsville Tip Line


Student Emergency

Students who need to leave school early due to an emergency are required to sign out at the main office of their school.  When leaving school, students are only allowed to be picked up by parents,  guardians, or emergency contacts listed in Skyward. (Please review contact info in Skyward.)


Online Safety

We want our students to become tech-savvy by learning new programs that will assist them in their future careers. Along with the understanding of how to use technology is the need for responsible digital citizenship and an awareness of online safety practices. Each student will receive either an iPad or Chromebook to enhance their academic experience; however, several common websites and apps are restricted from MSD of Martinsville devices including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Hangouts, Pinterest,  YouTube Kids, ROBLOX, WhatsApp and video games. We are governed by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA )  which protects students from malicious content.
Please note that our district has blocked the search terms from our computers/Chromebooks; however, we are unable to block cell phones connected to their own data plans. As a district, student safety is our #1 priority. We administer extensive levels of security to ensure that our online content for students is age appropriate. Though we do allow Youtube (not Youtube Kids), it is filtered, monitored and restricted to what students can view.
Parents, if your child has a social media account, we encourage you to please consider age appropriateness and exposure from older siblings or friends. Please talk about the content they access, the importance of not accepting any communications invitations from people they do not know and not sharing personal information. Please continue to have regular conversations with children about Internet safety and monitor what’s happening on their accounts.
To learn more, please click:



Our students practice weather, fire, tornado, and safety drills regularly which is not only mandated by the Indiana Department of Education but the right thing to do. We want to familiarize students with proper procedures in case of an emergency.

  • Weather – If a weather emergency happens during school, teachers will provide instruction to their classroom. Emergency procedures are posted in each room. Students are expected to follow instructions without delay or interference.
  • Tornado – A tornado alarm will be sounded when an alert is in effect. A plan for taking shelter has been developed for each school. The teachers will direct children to designated shelter areas.
  • Fire Drill  Fire drills are necessary for the safety of children, teachers, and school staff. From each classroom, teachers will explain which exit to use. Children are instructed to walk quietly to the area designated by the teacher.


Inclement Weather Procedures

If the district must cancel, delay, or release students early due to the possibility of inclement weather, we would like to make you aware of our procedures and communication plan.

  • Weather decisions are made by our team who monitor closely through both through technology as well as by driving actual roads throughout the district. 
  • When determining a delay, early dismissal, or cancellation of school, countywide weather conditions are reviewed. In addition, we utilize the National Weather Service website @ as well as a private product called Weather Sentry.  


Before school, every effort will be made to have a decision by 5:30 AM and communicated to you and your family in the following ways: 

  1. Staff/ parents will be notified through an all-call using School Messenger. (Telephone numbers are generated from our Skyward database. At your convenience, please check Skyward to ensure your telephone # is up-to-date for this academic year.)
  2. Communication will be added to the district’s website and social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MSD of Martinsville
  3. Communication will be sent to the following radio and TV stations: WCBK, WISH 8, WRTV-6, WTHR-13, Fox-59.

Early Dismissal

As weather conditions in our area can change quickly, an early dismissal may be necessary.  We will make a decision concerning dismissal as early as possible, next, call parents through School Messenger, and finally, communicate information to our website, social media, and local media.

We encourage you as a family to develop a weather plan. For example, if parents or guardians work, where should your child go if there is an early dismissal or a two-hour delay? Please be mindful that weather prediction is just that, a prediction. We will drive roads, use science, and apply common sense before making any decisions.  Please also keep in mind that our school service area spans many miles and while in your area it may just be flurries, we could very easily have icing conditions in another. We hope this information is helpful as we work together planning for inclement weather events.


Is Your Contact Info Up-To-Date?  School Messenger Telephone System

To ensure that parents or guardians receive timely district calls or notifications about a student emergency, injury, or sickness, our School Messenger telephone system depends on accurate telephone numbers and email addresses. The telephone and emails are populated from Skyward. Please login to your Skyward account to review the information listed for your child.


Child Custody Orders/No Contact Orders

Parents or guardians, please provide your child’s school with any updated information concerning custody or a ‘no contact’order. We will keep all the information on file. The details of the child custody/no contact orders will be kept private and never distributed to a third party or used in any manner.

Revisions to a Custody Order

If a custody order is already on file in our administration office and updates have been made, please send the revised agreement to us in writing and signed by both parties. (Telephone calls are not sufficient.) Unless the updated agreement is in strict violation of the court order, we are able to accept the most recent version and will incorporate the changes moving forward.

  • Example-a Father regularly picks up a child on Mondays from school but needs to change it to Tuesday. We do not need a judge’s signature for change as long as both parties have agreed in writing.

If a request by one parent is in strict violation of the court order, we are obligated and required by law to follow the court order.

  • Example -if a mother states that the father cannot have contact with the child and the court order designates joint custody, then we are obligated to follow the court order.

Our goal is to have both parents involved in their child’s education; therefore, both parents will have access to their child’s teacher and educational information unless a judge has stated otherwise.  If a parent has moved from our community, please email us by clicking (contact us) on this website or send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to your child’s school to receive your requested information.

Custody orders may be uncomfortable for children. We are happy to work with parents to create a safe and respectful environment for your child.

No Contact Order

Please email or print a copy of the ‘no contact’ order and send it to your child’s school. We will keep a copy on file.