School Safety

15 Feb, 2018

Dear Artesian Families,
Yesterday’s events in Florida have brought school safety to the forefront again. This morning we are all thinking of our own children as they are in school. I wanted to contact you today to ensure you that the safety of our students is the highest priority of all of our team at the MSD of Martinsville.
In an effort to ensure safety within schools, we have implemented the following:
  • -last fall, we received a $49,000 matching safety grant from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. With our added funding, a total of $99,000 was used to replace and/or add new video surveillance equipment to schools. We now have a total of over 300 video cameras utilized in our district.
  •  -the safety grant also included a new check-in system for each school. For example, when visitors enter a school, each person must have a valid driver’s license or state-issued ID with them which will be used immediately to run a background check. Once the background check has been cleared, a badge will be worn signifying that they are a visitor.
  • -all schools have either new front doors or renovated front entrances.
  • -as mandated by state agencies, all of our schools participate in numerous safety drills throughout the year.
  • -two officers work daily for the district to provide additional safety coverage.
We will continue to work together to keep each student safe.
Dr. Michele Moore