Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the MSD of Martinsville. Assistance from parents, guardians, and our respected community makes for a successful and caring educational environment for our students. Please read the below information carefully.

Volunteer Criminal Background Check Guidelines

In an effort to keep our schools safe, all volunteers (including staff) must complete a volunteer application form which includes a criminal background check request. The background check must be approved prior to entering our schools. The background check must also be completed prior to a one-time special event in which the volunteer chooses to participate.

Please complete and download the background check application, then return it to your child’s school office. Background applications are reviewed by school principals or school administration using the State of Indiana Police criminal records database. 


When evaluating criminal background checks for potential volunteers, persons will not be permitted to volunteer for our district if the following charges appear:

  • Felony convictions within the last 10 years.
  • Misdemeanor convictions within the last five years.
  • Any charge currently pending.
  • Any misrepresentation of the volunteer application.
  • Any other charge or conviction not mentioned above, but determined to be a risk to students.

Volunteer criminal background checks are evaluated on charges filed, not the disposition of the charges.

If a volunteer is not permitted to volunteer in our schools due to pending charges, the volunteer’s status will be re-evaluated once the charges have been resolved.

Criminal background checks for volunteers are valid for one year. Each year volunteers will be required to complete a new volunteer request form, then the status as a volunteer will be re-evaluated.

The following are a few examples, not an inclusive list, when a volunteer criminal background check is required.

Volunteer criminal background checks are required for:

  • Assisting with class parties.
  • Assisting school staff in the classroom or school building.
  • Attending field trips.

Volunteer criminal background checks are NOT required for:

  • Attending meet the teacher night, family events, school musical or awards programs.
  • Attending extra-curricular or other school-sponsored events as a spectator.
  • Attending the school book fair.