Application Instructions

We no longer distribute paper applications. All applications can be downloaded from this page.

Please read this page carefully if you intend to apply for a position.

Applicants must complete an application for each position for which they intend to apply. It is the applicant's responsibility to submit all required documentation.

Applicants who have submitted a complete application for that position will be screened by an administrator. A building staff member will contact the applicant for the specific positions.

If you are currently employed by MSD of Martinsville (either full-time or in a substitute capacity), you must still submit an application for the position.

There are two types of position.

Certified positions are those requiring specific certifications such as Teachers and Administrators

Non-Certified positions include support staff such as Secretaries, Teacher Assistants, Nurses, ECA Coaches, Custodians, Food Services, Technology, and Bus Drivers.

To substitute in ANY position you will need to submit the following fillable PDF forms:

  • Application
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • WH-4 Indiana
  • W4 Federal
  • 1-9 Form
  • Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

New Background Check Policy

Effective August 12th, 2016, applicants must obtain a background check online and email it to the school district in order to complete their application.

The background check must be obtained by following this link:

Background Checks

You can send in your application prior to the background check being obtained, but your application will not be complete without the finished background check.

Please read job postings thoroughly as some positions may have additional requirements for the application process and specific instructions on submitting application documents.

We only accept applications for open positions. If a position is not open, we will not accept an application or keep information on file for potential openings.