High Ability

MSD of Martinsville High Ability

Mission Statement

The mission of the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville’s High Ability program is to provide accelerated and enriched learning experiences to all students in grades K-12 for students in all socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, if they are found to perform at, or demonstrate an exceptional level of learning ability in language arts and/or math.  Martinsville schools recognize the need to identify these students and provide a challenging and differentiated curriculum for all students to reach their potential; the high ability students experience an educational journey through student-centered exploration.  Together, as the high ability representatives for the Martinsville School District, we challenge and inspire high ability students through rich experiences, empowering them to achieve success.  When high ability students walk across the stage at their graduation from Martinsville High School, they have been prepared through curricular challenges and opportunities based on their needs, and they are ready to make positive contributions to our world.

High Ability Multifaceted Identification Plan

High Ability assessments for winter/spring testing:

CogAT Screener:  Grades K and 2
CogAT:  Grades K and 2
NWEA:  Grades K-4
Terra Nova:  Grades 5-8
InView:  Grades 3-8
PSAT/SAT/ECA/AP Tests:  High School

Grades K and 2 

Step 1-Screened thru MOY NWEA- 75%-95%

Step 2-CogAT screener to those qualified

Step 3-CogAT Test given to those that passed screener


Grade 1

Step 1- All 1st grade students are given the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking.

Grade 4

Step 1- Screened thru MOY NWEA- 75%-95%

Step 2- Inview 3-8 Test to those that qualified


  • Identified through CogAT screener
  • Will test using NWEA (performance-based assessment) and CogAT (potential-based assessment)
  • Will receive services for 1st and 2nd grade if qualify through Spring testing  
  • Will retest at the end of  2nd grade to qualify for enrichment program for grades 3-4

1st Grade

  • Identified through Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking  
  • Will receive services for 2nd grade

2nd Grade

  • Identified through CogAT (potential-based performance) screener.
  • Will test using NWEA (performance-based assessment) and CogAT (potential-based assessment)
  • If qualified through testing, will receive high ability services in 3rd and 4th  grades for the remainder of elementary school and will retest at the end of 4th grade to qualify for the enrichment program at the intermediate school.

3rd Grade

  • Newly identified students through teacher recommendation will test during the Spring assessment using NWEA and InView.

4th Grade

  • Identified through screening process, tested and qualified as high ability student
  • Will test using NWEA and InView (potential-based assessment)
  • If qualified through testing, will receive high ability services in 5th thru 8th Grade.

High Ability Assessment Information

High Ability Services

The Metropolitan School District of Martinsville’s High Ability Program is geared at providing special curricular challenges and activities for the high ability and high achieving students at all of the district’s schools.

  1. Grades K-12 Differentiated Instruction in classrooms based upon domains
  2. Grades K-12 Special program/enrichment activities offered by the school 
  3. Regular classroom activities that offer sufficient challenge for all students; enrichment and differentiation for all to experience.
  4. High achieving students who demonstrate mastery of skills in the regular classroom will experience more challenges in their academic work. 
  5. Self-contained classroom for highly able students.

High Ability Guidance and Counseling Plan

How are we meeting the needs and educational career plans for high ability students in our district?