Pre - K
Brooklyn STEM Academy Prekindergarten

At Brooklyn STEM Academy Prekindergarten, formerly STEM Sprouts, your child will explore, experiment and learn through Project Lead the Way STEM curriculum. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and is a new approach to hands-on learning. We transform our classrooms into an exciting world of curiosity, problem-solving and creativity all to prepare our students for kindergarten. 

Centerton Elementary Prekindergarten

At Centerton Elementary, our Pre-K Sparks will be immersed in a positive, engaging academic atmosphere that includes Project Lead the Way STEM curriculum wrapped in a family environment. You will be able to witness your child’s transformation into a confident Kindergartener through the ability to participate in digital announcements, musical productions, STEM curriculum, and the encouragement of a love of lifelong learning.

Green Township Elementary Prekindergarten

Pre-K at Green Township Elementary immerses your child in important foundational skills through fun and engaging learning activities. Problem-solving, inquiry, and creativity are important components of our program. These positive experiences will foster a natural love for learning as your child easily transitions to more difficult skills in kindergarten and beyond.

Central Education Center
389 E. Jackson St.,
Martinsville, IN 46151



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