ParentSquare is the MSD of Martinsville’s tool to communicate with Artesian families.

Families may register for an account and set their preferences for how they’d like to receive messages from us. For example, many parents only want to receive a text, while others prefer email, and others choose both. If you download the app (it’s free!), you can also get notifications via the app.

Another feature of the app is that it allows users to select their preferred language.

In emergencies or when notifying school families is urgent, ParentSquare will use all methods of contact, including a phone call, text, email, and app notification (if we have the correct information and if you’ve downloaded the app).

If you do not register with ParentSquare, you will still receive an email when we use ParentSquare to send a message.

Registering your ParentSquare account

If you do not have an email from the MSD of Martinsville inviting you to create a ParentSquare account, please notify your [email protected] and we will send you the invitation. While you do not need to create an account to receive messages from us, you will have greater flexibility to tailor the ways you receive messages from us if you have an account.

Once you have created an account, there are additional resources available to help you tailor your account to meet your own preferences.

Questions? Email [email protected]

Families & Staff: Please make sure your information is updated in Family Access to receive messages.


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Public Records Request

Media or individuals who want to request access to public records or other public information from the MSD of Martinsville must do so in writing. The MSD of Martinsville follows the provisions of Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act. 

Enroll at the MSD of Martinsville

Our district continues to AMP up our educational experience …and fun…to meet the changing needs of our students! To enroll at the MSD of Martinsville

Our Achievements

We continue to evolve and expand our academic programs to meet the changing needs of ALL our students and to prepare them for 21st-century professions. We invite you to view some of our recent achievements!

We love our teachers and staff! We opened a medical clinic near Wooden Middle for our MSD team, Everside Health. We also offer a Wellness Gym – a free workout space for all employees (and retirees), discounted daycare through Artesians Childcare, a two-year mentoring program for new teachers. Questions, please visit our Staff page.

For our distinguished group of retired teachers and staff of the MSD of Martinsville, we offer a free Wellness Gym and our Gold Retirement Card which allows complimentary admittance to any MSD of Martinsville event. Question about the Wellness Gym, please visit our Staff page.

To our valued community, we offer our Artesian Gold Card to all persons 62 and over who live in the MSD of Martinsville. We care about all our Artesians and invite our community to request the Gold Card. The card gives complimentary admittance to any school-sponsored, home event at Bell, Wooden, and Martinsville High School including athletics, music, choir, and plays. To learn more apply for our Artesian Gold Card, please click below.