Thank you for your interest in working for the MSD of Martinsville. We are excited to have you as part of our team. Please read the below information carefully to ensure we receive your entire employment application.

Job Postings

To find our open employment positions, substitute employment positions, or ECA available positions, choose the Job Posting menu tab above.

Application Instructions

For your convenience and to expedite the application process, we no longer distribute paper applications or accept resumes. An online application is needed for each position.

Required Materials Needed for Employment Consideration

  • An application must be received for each position. Please read job postings thoroughly as some positions may have additional requirements. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit all required documentation.
  • Once submitted, the completed application will be reviewed by an administrator who will contact the applicant with next steps. Please note, even though you may be currently employed by the MSD of Martinsville in either a full-time or substitute capacity, a new application is needed for each open position.

We offer two types of positions: Certified and Non-Certified.

  • Certified positions are those requiring specific certifications such as a teacher or administrator.
  • Non-Certified positions include support staff such as a secretary (admin), teacher assistant, nurse, ECA coach, custodian, food service employee, technology employee, or bus driver.


Substituting for the MSD of Martinsville

To substitute for any position, please submit the following fillable PDF forms:

  • Application  – click Substitute Employment tab above, then choose from the drop down menu.
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • WH-4 Indiana
  • W4 Federal
  • 1-9 Form
  • Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • EEOC Self ID Form


New Background Check Policy

Effective August 12th, 2016, applicants must obtain a background check using the below link.

Please click link to begin  ->    Background Checks


Applications can be sent prior to receiving background check results. Please note that the application is considered complete once we receive the results of the background check.

The MSD of Martinsville only accepts applications for open positions. If a position is not open, we are unable to accept an application or keep information on file for future openings.


Teaching License OR Substitute Teaching Permit

For persons with a teacher’s license or substitute teaching permit, please submit a copy with your application.

For applicants who do not currently hold a substitute teaching permit, one may be obtained by registering with the Indiana Department of Education online system, LVIS. A tutorial is also available to guide you through this process. Licenses issued under these guidelines will permit a substitute teacher to work for three calendar years.

Please note, MSD of Martinsville will not approve substitute teacher permits until an expanded criminal history check has been received.