Bullying Prevention and Reporting

Bullying Resources

The Indiana Department of Education maintains links on its website that provide parents and school districts with informations regarding the prevention and reporting of bullying and cyberbulling incidents, required by Indiana Code IC 20-19-3-11. Please click below to learn more.

ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN: During September, all schools in the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville participated in a district-wide “Anti-Bullying Campaign.” The purpose of the District’s Anti-Bullying Campaign was to educate all students about the various forms of bullying and the steps students and staff can take to help stop bullying. The long-term goal is to eliminate “bullying” from our schools and to better provide a learning environment where students respect and treat one another with more kindness.

Health and safety experts indicate: 1) Preventing bullying among children requires more awareness and intervention among adults. 2) All school personnel should be aware of the extent of the bully/victim problems in our school and should involve themselves in changing the situations. 3) Bullying prevention interventions improve the overall school climate. 4) Bullying prevention interventions should target the entire school population. 5) National bullying prevention experts recommend that schools research the subject and develop a school anti-bullying plan, which might include developing school rules against bullying, establishing classroom rules against bullying, raising school awareness, and conducting staff and student discussions on the subject.

During the district’s Anti-Bullying Campaign in September 2022, every school selected activities, projects, displays, announcements, special presentations, guest speakers, social media, and various curricular activities to help educate and inform our school community about the following.

Martinsville Schools will recognize the National Anti-Bullying Week, November 14-18; the theme during that week is REACH OUT. “See something. Say something.”