Hammons Alternative School
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Welcome to Hammons Alternative School


We motivate students to win at school and to be positive, contributing citizens of our school community. We expect students to have good attendance, work diligently to earn credits, and be respectful of self, others, and property. Most importantly, we expect students to have a serious, positive attitude about school being their best every day while they pursue their diplomas.

In 2015, the MSD of Martinsville developed a night school program for students to complete or continue their education with the goal of earning a high school diploma. The night school utilizes standards-based content at a pace comfortable to each person. A licensed, secondary education teacher is on-site to provide assistance.

STEM! Arts! Athletics!

We are an award-winning prekindergarten through 12th-grade school district dedicated to educational excellence and empowering future leaders to make positive contributions to our world.