Beaman Legacy Bench

How Do You Celebrate a School Building’s 50th Birthday?

You Honor the Legacy of the People Who Make It Special.

Principal Ryan Cox and the staff of Paragon Elementary School honored the building’s special day by dedicating a bench to the Beaman family. For all 50 years of the building’s occupancy, a member of the Beaman family has been employed at the school. When the building opened in 1970, Mr. Orian Beaman was part of the maintenance staff and was head custodian for 26 years. Kenny Beaman, Orian’s son, joined the team when he was 19 years old. Today, Kenny is in his 42nd year at Paragon Elementary where he now serves as head custodian.

“As witnessed at Orian’s funeral this past winter, the Beaman family is truly loved by the Paragon community, ” -Mr. Cox, Principal, Paragon Elem. “Former staff members and students always recall fond memories of Orian and Kenny Beaman. I am honored to have Orian’s daughter, Kenny’s sister, Kathy, her husband Gary, and their mother Kathleen present with us today. It is my pleasure, on behalf of the Paragon Elementary community, to honor the Beaman family with the Beaman Legacy Bench. This bench will rest here in front of the flag pole and entrance to the school so that all students and visitors can honor the Beaman family for their commitment and dedication to our school.”

Special thank you to the Paragon Elem PTO, Abby Drake, Christine Mowery, Jeremy Drake, and family for building the bench, the Bales family for housing the bench since April 2020, and the teachers and staff of Paragon Elementary.