Superintendent’s Message

Superintendent Eric Bowlen shared information with the community at the April 18, 2024, MSD of Martinsville School Board meeting. Please click below to view the message and presentation. Superintendent’s Message Superintendent’s Presentation If you would like to view the MSD of Martinsville School Board meeting, in its entirety, please click here to view the meeting on YouTube. […]

3rd Grade Students on WCBK

MSD of Martinsville 3rd grade students performed Christmas carols on WCBK this week. Students sang several classic Christmas songs and shared holiday greetings live on the radio. Each student had the opportunity to introduce himself/herself and share a special holiday greeting. The MSD of Martinsville music department did a fantastic job preparing the students and […]

Well Wednesday Survey Results

Attached below are the staff, student, and family survey results regarding WELL Wednesday. Please look for an email, after Spring Break, requesting your final input on the MSD of Martinsville WELL Wednesday plan. Thank you for your time. WELL Wednesday Survey results.

Wooden Marker Dedication Ceremony

Summary Account for John Wooden Marker Dedication Ceremony at Glenn M. Curtis Memorial Gymnasium on January 19, 2023 Good morning and thank you for coming. I’m Curtis Tomak, and we are here to pay tribute to Morgan County’s John Wooden and to remember his life. John Wooden was a very able, accomplished, and caring individual […]

Artesian Fight Song

Cheer, Cheer for Old Martinsville Wake up the echoes, cheer with a will, Send her volley cheer on high, Shake down the thunder from the sky Although the odds be great or small Old Martinsville will win over all! See her loyal team march on March onward to victory! Rah! Rah! Rah!