Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

The Indiana Officials Association recently recognized Martinsville High School Athletics for Outstanding Sportsmanship for the 2021-22 School Year. Martinsville was the only school recognized by the IOA for Sportsmanship.

“It takes athletes, coaches, administrators, support staff and fans working together to receive such an award of excellence. We are honored to be recognized by the IOA,” stated Kip Staggs, Martinsville HS Athletic Director.

Suzie Lipps, Assistant to the Superintendent, said, “This is a proud public tribute for our entire district. Thousands of Martinsville community members, parents, and students attend and participate with athletic events throughout the year. Receiving The Outstanding Sportsmanship Award is a representation of the team spirit, virtue, respect for participants, and graciousness that is demonstrated at events hosted by the Martinsville Athletic Program.”

The Indiana Officials Association Sportsmanship is the third sportsmanship award in the last five years honoring Martinsville Athletics.  The IHSAA recognized Martinsville Athletics with a similar award in 2017-18 and 2018-19.