Social Media Accusation

Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Metropolitan School District of Martinsville has been made aware of a social media accusation regarding a perceived gang sign that was used in a senior athletic banner. The hand gesture in question was made in an attempt to show half of a heart, similar to what can be found on TikTok posts. The negative perception on social media is inaccurate.

The Martinsville High School Football program has a motto of ELITE, and the pillar “L” stands for Love. The football program has bought into the pillar of love, and it has been demonstrated individually and between teammates. Players have demonstrated this bond after big plays in the shape of a heart between players. Programs around the country have used similar mottos, and those pillars become a bond for the team.

No attempt was made by player, program or school to promote gang activity, violence or to offend. The MSD of Martinsville takes these accusations against the student body seriously, and local police have been contacted regarding the incident and any threats made. Thus, for the protection and security of our students and staff, there will be additional Martinsville Police Department presence visible before, during, and after school outside of the building and athletic venue.

Kip Staggs
Athletic Director
MSD of Martinsville

For questions, please contact:

Jayne Burke
Director of Community Relations
MSD of Martinsville
[email protected]