Superintendent’s Message

Welcome to the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville. We are excited about our district’s future. We believe in our students and families and are proud of the great opportunities we are able to provide our school community. From preschool programming to competitive athletics and academics for our high school students, we offer a wide range of activities for all children.

At the elementary level, we provide exciting learning activities, engaging students in hands-on curricular instruction. We have title preschool programs for our youngest Artesians. In addition, the elementary schools have extra-curricular programs including Math and Spell Bowl, music and art programs, and field trip experiences.

The middle school curriculum and setting provide unique transitional opportunities for our students. Academically, we offer honors classes for our advanced students and arrange intervention for our struggling learners. Our middle school students are encouraged to explore and participate in various sports, such as, basketball, football, tennis, golf, swimming, cross country, track, volleyball, wrestling and cheerleading. Middle school students can also join clubs and after school activities with student-driven publications, including a television studio.

Martinsville High School has a strong academic reputation state-wide; MHS offers a wide range of academic courses such as advanced placement courses and a full selection of vocational programming, along with many other electives. This varied curriculum prepares students for their future endeavors. High school students can be members of our state-ranked academic decathlon, television production, yearbook, DECA, or BPA teams. MHS students can also enroll in honors courses through Indiana University, compete on one of 20 different varsity sports, or explore the fine arts through our choir, band, drama, or orchestra programs.

The MSD of Martinsville’s most important asset is the quality teaching staff who goes the extra mile for all of our students. Along with our modest class sizes, the dedicated staff gives our children a family-like atmosphere in which to learn, compared to larger districts. In the MSD of Martinsville, your child will receive individual attention, care, and support from teachers and administrators. In the MSD of Martinsville, your child will be will be encouraged to develop and thrive based on his/her own strengths and needs. In the MSD of Martinsville, your child will be part of our family.


Join our Martinsville Artesian family today! Share in our excitement for your child’s future! Come grow with us!