Student Activities

Bell Intermediate Academy

Exploration Program

Student Goals:

  • Students will have an increased sense of belonging at Bell Intermediate Academy.
  • Students will explore a personal interest area in a safe environment.
  • Students will build relationships with both students and adults around common interests.
  • Students will experience greater success in school.
  • Students will be better prepared for extracurricular activities when they reach middle school.

Staff Expectations:

  • Staff will provide a safe, engaging environment for the exploration programs.
  • Staff will work to build relationships with and between students in their exploration programs.
  • Staff will organize at least two activities (one per semester) for their exploration groups outside of the exploration program times. (These could include field trips, special events, joint exploration gatherings, extended project time, etc.)

Leadership Expectations:

  • Leadership will organize student exploration groups and maintain all program data.
  • Leadership will help with brainstorming, planning, organizing of any exploration group’s programming inside or outside of the exploration program time on Thursday mornings.
  • Leadership will help find and acquire resources for the exploration programs.
  • Leadership will lead reflection and revision with staff to ensure program effectiveness.