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Rae Floyd


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Principal's Message

Welcome to Charles L. Smith Fine Arts Academy, home of the Bruins! Each day we welcome our Pre-K through 4th grade students with smiles, hugs, love and laughter. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment for each student to grow and learn. Our fine arts emphasis is reflected in the student work that adorns our hallways and the many opportunities students have to develop and showcase their talents. Parents and guardians, you are valued member of the team. We are grateful for our families and look forward to sharing this journey with you. If you need anything or have questions, please reach out. Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-4:00 pm. If you would like to get involved, we have a dynamic PTO and would welcome your help. Together we can make it a great day to be a Bruin!


Rae Floyd, Principal

MSD of Martinsville Mission Statement

“Together we challenge and inspire our children through rich experiences, empowering them to achieve success while making positive contributions to our world.”

Belief Statement

We Believe:

Every person is unique, important and entitled to respect in a safe, secure learning environment. We share a genuine concern for ourselves, our peers, our families and our community. Education is everyone’s responsibility.

Our goal at Charles L. Smith Fine Arts Academy is to prepare children to become respectful, productive members of a democratic society by providing meaningful learning opportunities.

Title I

Federal funding has been made available through School-wide Title1 Services to Smith Fine Arts Academy for the purpose of providing students with extra support in reading/language arts. This extra support is available for all students at Smith Fine Arts Academy. Classroom teachers, Title I teachers and instructional aides will provide assistance in reading/language arts and math through small group and individualized instruction as children demonstrate the need for support. Please contact your child’s teacher about available support services.

Vivian Brunk


(765) 342-8488 ext.1511

Leah Beaver

Clinic Assistant

(765) 342- 8488 ext. 1524

Leigh Frantz


(765) 342-8488 ext.1547

Emily Adams

Fourth Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1516

Julie Botkin

Art Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext. 1515

Sarah Burnett

Kindergarten Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1512

Nichole Chrisman

Third Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1533

Rachel Crabb

Fourth Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1543

Corey Flanary

Second Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1537

Stacy Gillett

Kindergarten Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1514

Jill Farmer

First Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1541

Terri Freeman

Special Services Teacher

(765) 342-8488 

Rylee Hess


(765) 342-8488 ext 1532

Amy Lyon

Developmental Preschool Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext. 1517

Grant Meyer

Third Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1523

Cassidy Miller

Fourth Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 

Kari Palma

Music Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1518

Michael Pratt

Second Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1540

Chantel Rhody

First Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 

Kristen Speedy

Title I PreK Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext. 1542

Joel Strickler

Physical Education Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext. 1520

Amanda Thomas

Library Aide

(765) 342-8488 ext. 1528

Tisha Townsend

Second Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext 1536

Dawn Werne

Third Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext. 1538

Stephanie Wesseler

Developmental Preschool Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1534

Lesley White

First Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8488 ext.1525

Lynn Zook

Title I Teacher
(765) 342-8488 ext.1521

Wendy Littell

Cafeteria Manager

(765) 342-8488 ext.1526

Colten McElroy


(765) 342-8488 ext.1530

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