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Paul Spahr


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Principal's Message

Green Township Elementary is dedicated to preparing the children of today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This is done through the collaboration of parents, teachers, and students. High expectations and challenging students to do their personal best are hallmarks of our classrooms. Students are also taught to be problem solvers and thinkers in order to be prepared for real-world situations.

Parents and the community are a vital part of a child’s learning. We encourage family members to volunteer in the classroom, help out with special school events, or become part of our PTO. Please consider being a part of the Green Township family.

It is truly an honor and a blessing to be the principal at Green Township Elementary, and I look forward to working with all of our families this year!


Paul Spahr, Principal

Mission Statement

Inspire every child to L.E.A.D. (Learn, Embrace others, Achieve, Discover)

Courtney Cramer


(765) 342-0505 ext.1111

Amy Campbell

Physical Education Teacher

(765) 342-0505 ext.1118

Amanda Carmichael

Pre-K Teacher

(765) 342-0505 ext. 1123

Trenna Dodge

Second Grade Teacher

(765) 342-0505 ext.1119

Cassidy Goins

School Counselor

(765) 342-0505 ext 1120

Jennifer Goodwin

Second Grade Teacher

(765) 342-0505 ext.1126

Cathy Hall

Fourth Grade Teacher

(765) 342-0505 ext.1133

Tammy Harrington

Kindergarten Teacher

(765) 342-0505 ext.1121

Heather Henson

Library Aide

(765) 342-0505 ext.1114

Flynn Hilderbrand

Music Teacher

(765) 342-0505 ext.1125

Emily Irvin

First Grade Teacher

(765) 342-0505 ext.1146

Autumn Jones


(765) 342-0505 ext. 1112

Stephanie Mac Donald

Third Grade

(765) 342-0505 ext. 1124

Maureen McGown

Speech Teacher

(765) 342-0505 ext.1115

Randy Manley

Head Custodian

(765) 342-0505 ext.1142

Patti Ostler

Family Services Coordinator

(765) 342-6641 ext. 1043

Jessica Taylor


(765) 342-0505 ext 1136

Vivian Wayland

Special Services Teacher

(765) 342-0505 ext.1145

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