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Jill Vlcan


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Welcome to Poston Road Elementary… Home of the Tigers!

Thank you for visiting our website! I am hopeful that you will find valuable information about our school within these pages. Poston Road Elementary is a preschool-fourth grade Spanish Immersion school. We have a dedicated staff that works extremely hard to make sure we are meeting the needs of all students as well as making sure decisions are based on, “What is best for kids.”

Our students have the option to enter our Spanish Immersion program in kindergarten where they will learn the Spanish language with the goal of them being well on their way to being fluent in Spanish by the end of their fourth-grade year. Our immersion program continues with our students as they go through the rest of their academic careers at the MSD of Martinsville.

It is such a privilege to lead the staff and students at Poston Road Elementary! Go Tigers!

Dr. Jill Vlcan, Principal

Jessica Lashbrook


(765) 342-8408 ext. 1412

Lora Dilley


(765) 342-8408 ext. 1434

Mimi Boyd

Third Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1413

McChristie Brooking

Art Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext. 1418

Amy Brown

Third Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1414

Lisa Cameron

Third/Fourth Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1415

Daniel Davis

Resource Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext. 1437

Wynne Deckard

Fourth Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1417

Molly Ferran

Second Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1419

Becky Fishel

Title I Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1436

Amanda Fleener


(765) 342-8408 ext.1422

Delia Fornero

First Grade Spanish Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1431

Diana Fox

KDG Spanish Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1451

Jennifer Hansen

Resource Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1437

Tanya Holman

First Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1423

Cheyenne Mappes

Fourth Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1426

Amy Maxwell

Prek Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1432

Abbigail Mendenhall

Music Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1425

Katie Nix


(765) 342-8408 ext. 1441

Patti Ostler

Family Services Coordinator

(765) 342-6641 ext. 1043

Inma Pedrosa

Third/Fourth Grade Spanish Teacher

(765) 342-6641 ext 1428

Mandy Percifield

Second Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1424

Susan Rishel

Physical Education Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1430

Shelby Smith


(765) 342-8408 ext.1416

Amanda Sitzman

Second Grade Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext.1439

Pam Verhey

Kindergarten Teacher

(765) 342-8408 ext. 1450

Shawn Walden

Head Custodian

(765) 342-8408 ext.1440

Laura Ziegler

Cafeteria Manager

(765) 342-8408 ext.1433

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