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Melody Meyer


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Principal's Message

Welcome to South Elementary School of Communications! We are looking forward to a great year ahead! At South Elementary, our staff strives toward meeting the individual needs to each student to help students achieve success. We work towards academic success and building character while providing a safe and friendly learning environment. We implement various communications projects during the year to provide opportunities for students to engage in various types of communications that students can use in the lives and future. Students have the opportunity to be a part of SES Rewind, our daily student news that airs on YouTube. We are a team that wants success for each individual. We work together to strive for this goal each day. Our staff is excited to get to know and work with the families to provide the best opportunities for students. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Go Dolphins!

-Melody Meyer, Principal

MSD of Martinsville Mission Statement

“Together we challenge and inspire our children through rich experiences, empowering them to achieve success while making positive contributions to our world.”

South Elementary Mission Statement

Empowering students through communications and lifelong learning.

South Elementary School of Communications Vision Statement

At South Elementary School, we are a learning community nurturing a culture to provide students the skills necessary to be active, productive and responsible citizens while empowering students through communications.

School Data and Other Information

Tammy Cooke


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Julie Courtney


(765) 349-1486 ext 1624

Julie Wadlington


(765) 349-1486 ext 1647

Reecie Allard

Special Services Teacher

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Tricia Anderson

Third Grade Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1615

Leslie Arthur

First Grade Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1656

McChristie Brooking

Music Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext

Amy Campbell

Physical Education Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1657

Katie Craven

Pre-K Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1634

Kathy Crawmer

Second Grade Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1652

Daniel Davis

Special Services Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1616

Lauryn Epperson

Special Services Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1627

Leah Ferrand

First Grade Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1623

Samantha Harris

Music Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1620

Jessica Hostetter

Third Grade Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1621

Carol Durbin


(765) 349-1486 ext 1640

Ashley Lucas

Fourth Grade Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1622

Rachel Moore

Fourth Grade Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1649

Rita Richards

Second Grade Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1635

Login Richardson

Special Services Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1632

Melanie Scrougham

Kindergarten Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1626

April Shover


(765) 349-1486 ext 1618

Taylor Stewart

Special Services Teacher

(765) 349-1486

Bethany Willard

Special Services Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1631

Erin Wolff

Technology Teacher

(765) 349-1486 ext 1651

Carl Vandeventer

Head Custodian

(765) 349-1486 ext 1613

Kathy Martin

Cafeteria Manager

(765) 349-1486 ext 1641

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