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Jennifer Teare


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Principal's Message

Welcome to Brooklyn STEM Academy!

As the principal, I am committed to creating an environment where students are excited to learn. The staff at Brooklyn believes in creating a hands-on and engaging curriculum in order to help each student achieve greatness. We want to inspire students to solve problems with confidence and become analytical citizens.

We know that the parents and community are critical to our success throughout the year. We encourage you to become an active part of your child’s education and partner with his or her teacher. Please consider being a volunteer at a school event, attending PTO meetings, and always working with your child at home.

I look forward to working with your family this year.

-Jennifer Teare, Principal

Brooklyn STEM Academy is on:

Instagram and Twitter as brooklyn_stem and Facebook as Brooklyn STEM Academy.

STEM Certification

Brooklyn STEM Academy has earned the Department of Education STEM Certification since the 2016-17 school year. STEM Certified Schools teach Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with project-based, hands-on learning. According to the Indiana Department of Education, Brooklyn…” completed a rigorous application and review process, which must be repeated every five years to remain certified.”

STEM Academy Prekindergarten

Our team is ready to build a strong foundation while embracing your child’s natural curiosity and exploration. Through STEM, we have seen students excel when they have the opportunity to explore and invent. We use the nationally recognized Project Lead The Way program (PLTW), Indiana STEM curriculum, and follow the guidelines of Indiana’s Early Foundations. Brooklyn STEM Academy offers a full-day (8:25 am – 3 pm) Pre-K program for children who turn 4 by October 1 and are completely toilet-trained.

Project Lead the Way

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) provides a complete approach to discovery while being aligned with Indiana educational standards. Students are eager to leap into projects that teach how they can positively impact the world. Pre-kindergarten through fourth graders become active problem solvers, explorers, and inventors. Teachers mentor students as they lead their own learning. Education becomes far more engaging when we build upon skills and realize it is okay to take risks and make mistakes.

Kirsten Clayton


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Amy Ferran

Clinic Aide

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Emily Heare


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Sierra Bowman

First Grade Teacher

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Misti Brummett

Pre-K Teacher

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Cynthia Claypool

Title I Teacher

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Jason Clephane

Head Custodian

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Melissa Dragonette

Second Grade Teacher

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Sharon Goodin

STEM Coach

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Bethany Harriman

Kindergarten Teacher

(317) 831-2150 ext 1838

Mariah Hawk

Kindergarten Teacher

(317) 831-2150 ext 1823

Erin Hutchings

Resource Teacher

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Kimberly Inabnit

Second Grade Teacher

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Jessica Lux

Kindergarten Teacher

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Mackenzie Meyer

Fourth Grade Teacher

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Sarah Neff

First Grade Teacher

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Jamie O'Mullane

Pre-K Teacher

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Benson Perry

Music Teacher

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Amber Rawlins

Third Grade Teacher

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Reagan Riddle

PE Teacher

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Karen Streib

Third Grade Teacher

(317) 831-2150 ext 1841

Hilda Trampke

Art Teacher

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Kristen Yates


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Bobbie Padgett

Cafeteria Manager

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