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Fred Kutruff


765.342.6628 ext.3005

I am very proud to have been chosen as the new leader at John R. Wooden Middle School (JRW). I have served many different roles with the MSD of Martinsville but I have enjoyed the middle school experience the most.

Wooden has a great faculty and culture to offer the community of Martinsville. I am truly honored to work with our students and parents in providing a culture that promotes all students the opportunity to pursue their dreams and goals.

JRW has many opportunities for students to grow and excel. Wooden offers intramurals, clubs, extracurricular sports, choir, band, orchestra and other activities. Our hope is that every student can find an area of interest to help enhance their experience at JRW.

Wooden has developed a reputation of an excellent place to work and learn. All students dream big and pursue their goals through our dedicated teachers in the classrooms. Our teachers have always had a growth mindset when working with students and developing interactive lessons for the classroom.

In closing, I want the community and parents to be able to take an active role in our programs and culture at Wooden. Please reach out to us if you would like to be a part of parent council, club activities or extracurricular activities.

If you have any questions regarding your student or activities at Wooden, please don’t hesitate to call. Thank you all for this opportunity.

Sincerely, Fred Kutruff

Named after distinguished UCLA Coach and MSD of Martinsville alum, John Wooden, our school incorporates Wooden’s Pyramid of Success as a guide for our students. We are committed to teaching students through challenging curriculum that encourages inspiration, collaboration, and engagement (ICE).

Our Focus

Adam Peterson

Assistant Principal

765.342.6628 ext.3001

Angie Dodson

Principal Secretary

765.342.6628 ext.3002

Kala Brittain

Co-Athletic Director & Engineering Essentials Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3009

Veronica Thatcher

Assistant Principal & Athletic Director's Assistant

765.342.6628 ext.3003

Stephanie Perry


765.342.6628 ext.3006

Kimberly Andersen

Read 180 & Alternative Middle School Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3057

Leah Armstrong

Language Arts Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3018

Josh Bain

U.S. History Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3045

Heather Bales

Guidance Secretary

765.342.6628 ext.3004

David Barrett

Science Teacher

765.342.6628 ext. 3038

Ashley Beltran

Science Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3029

Steve Bunton

Project Lead the Way Teacher

765.342.6628 Ext 3036

Erika Chapin

Art Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3051

Amanda Crismore

Math Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3025

Jared Crismore

PE Teacher

765.342.6628 ext. 3048

Susie Dyer

Special Services Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3078

Danielle English

Math Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3039

Kevin Floyd

Social Studies Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3032

Kenja Fraley

Technology Teacher

765.342.6628 Ext 3069

TyAnn Gillum

Social Studies Teacher

765.342.6628 EXT.3042

Katie Gilpin

Special Ed Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3053

Rick Hansen

History Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3065

Katie Hobbs

Special Services Teacher

765.342.6628 ext. 3047

Mike Johnson

Co-Athletic Director & Science Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3044

Whitney Ksenak

Math Teacher

765.342.6628 Ext 3023

Mike Lanam

Spanish Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3010

Rachael Lanigan

Orchestra Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.4253

Christine Long

Choir/General Music Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3049

Alexis Martin

Language Arts Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3034

Christa Mathews

Science Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3028

Tim Mattingly

Language Arts Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3020

Jayne Mertz


765.342.6628 ext.3074

Riley Maxwell

Special Education Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3063

Shawna Minnick

7th Grade Math Teacher

765.342.6628 ext 3040

Lisa O'Neal


765.342.6628 ext.3075

Bobby Payne


765.342.6628 ext.3072

Mackenzie Phelps

Language Arts Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3037

James Powell

Band Director

765.342.6628 ext. 3062

Amy Purkey

Math Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3022

Brooke Robbins

Science Teacher

765.342.6628 ext. 3027

Susan Sawyers

Language Arts Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3019

Steven Schiller

Science Teacher

765.342.6628 ext 3073

Caitlyn Schoolcraft

CHAMPS Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3021

Jesse Schoolcraft

Social Studies Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3046

Morgan Settle

College & Career

765.342.6628 ext0 3033

Melanie Sheets

English Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3031

Nanette Sheldon

Health Teacher

765.342.6628 ext.3017

Karen Shelley

ESL Teacher


Molly Steele

Social Studies Teacher

765.342.6628 ext 3031

Caleb Stringer

Math Teacher

765.342.6628 ext. 3026

Matt Taylor

Gym Teacher

765.342.6628 ext. 3050

Sally Tharp

Head Custodian

765.342.6628 ext.3043

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