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Welcome to Martinsville High School – Home of the Artesians! Lots of great things going on here in Artie Nation!

As your principal and a proud graduate of Martinsville High School – I want to say that… I was very lucky to grow up, where I grew up, and who I grew up with.

Our goal is to help provide opportunities and experiences for all students here at Martinsville High School to be able to say that in future years. Anything you need… any questions… Please do not hesitate to contact us! Artesians attack!


Jeff Bell, Principal!

Martinsville High School has an enrollment of approximately 1,550 students in grades 9-12. The strengths of our building are our people, student choice, and a dedication to continuous improvement.

Our People: There are 93 certified faculty members (teachers, counselors, and administrators). Additionally, students and community members are served by approximately 25 support staff members.

Student Choice: Scheduling includes courses in vocational and technology education (construction trades, precision machining, agriculture, automotive, welding), core subject areas that include dual credit and Advance Placement, world languages (French, German, Spanish, American Sign Language), music education, art, business, family and consumer science, and more!

Students also choose from 20 varsity athletic teams, 30 club organizations, a strong music program, and academic teams! We are home to 20 team state championships, 11 individual state championships, and 7 IHSAA mental attitude winners. The girl’s golf team is among the state’s leading programs over the last 25 years under the consistent leadership of Coach Sharon Most. You can view more athletic information and club information through this website. Students may also try out for the robotics team which boasts nearly 40 members! The music program enrolls nearly 200 students annually and is the winner of the All Music Award for the second consecutive year for outstanding performances in band, choir, and orchestra! Last, our spell bowl, super bowl, and decathlon teams have outpaced the pack with more than 30 state championships under the direction of Coach Wayne Babbitt.

Continuous Improvement: Our school improvement plan focuses on writing well-constructed responses across the curriculum and improving student behavior through School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. There is an ongoing effort to improve communication with all stakeholders.

Shannon Adams

Assistant Principal

765.342.5571 ext 4015

Brian Dugger

Assistant Principal

765.342.5571 ext 4017

Robin Dorsett

Principal's Secretary

765.342.5571 ext 4014

Natalie Urban

Assistant Principal's Secretary

765.342.5571 ext 4322

Alisha Schwab

Attendance Secretary

765.342.5571 ext 4012

Rita Davis

Guidance Secretary

765.342.5571 ext 4013

Jennifer E. Nuckles-Stafford


765.342.5571 ext 4021

Sarah Smith

Clinic Nurse

765.342.5571 ext 4030

Misty Owens

Clinic Secretary

765.342.5571 ext 4031

Kami Hyde



Hannah Mattimiro


765.342.5571 ext 4225

Julie Presley


765.342.5571 ext 4020

Chanda Rautenkranz


765.342.5571 ext 4027

Jason Clephane

MHS Head Custodian

765.342.5571 ext 4016

Veronica Skaggs

Bookstore Manager

765.342.5571 ext 4299

Kip Staggs

MHS Athletic Director

765.342.5571 ext 4026

Erica Gregory

Athletic Secretary

765.342.5571 ext 4025

Carl Wagner

Senior Success Center

765.342.5571 ext 4263

Alec Akerson

Science Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4078

Susan Atkins

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4249

Kathy Ault

Media Center Specialist/Librarian

765.342.5571 ext 4049

Ken Belt

Band Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4043

Sheila Blake

Science Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4080

Megan Borchelt

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4250

Hannah Bright

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4242

Taylor Brinkman

English Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4331

Autumn Butler

Computer Science Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4260

Tim Carroll

American Sign Language Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4019

Jennifer Cheatham

FACS Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4079

Susan Crabb


765.342.5571 ext 4231

Robert Cragen

Vocational Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4070

Larry Craigie

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4245

Sheri Cramer


765.342.5571 ext 4235

Tim Dearlove

Business/ Artesian Business PRIDE* Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4086

Phil Deckard

Criminal Justice

765.342.5571 ext 4314

Ron Dunn

Industrial Tech Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4281

Brian Elliott

Science Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4255

Michael Fellow

Vocational Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4055

Dawn Franklin

Special Services Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4072

Evan Gehlert


765.342.5571 ext 4204

Carla Gildersleeve

Science Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 

Gary Grumbling

Science Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4256

Paul Harden

Social Studies

765.342.5571 ext 4282

Chris Harrison

English Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4265

Ashley Helfers


765.342.5571 ext 4257

Alex Henderson

English Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4093

Lance Hiles

Social Studies Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4269

MC Johnson

Apex Lab

765.342.5571 ext. 4067

Kevin Kent

Industrial Technology Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4288

Thomas Ketchem

Social Studies Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4089

Julie LaFary

English Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4037

Rachael Lanigan

Orchestra Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4253

Jane Lewis

Apex Lab

765.342.5571 ext 4324

Lynette Liberge

World Languages/ French Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4216

Korinne Littell

English Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4045

Jonathan Marion

Social Studies Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4270

Lita Marion

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4068

Jay Marks

Agriculture Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4280

Jenifer Martin

FACS Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4092

Jill Martin

World Languages/ Spanish Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4217

Samantha McDaniel

Special Services

765.342.5571 ext 4018

Michele McDonald

Special Services

765.342.5571 ext 4226

Randy McKinney

Social Studies Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4272

Eric Meyer

Broadcasting/ MHS Rewind Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4056

Amy Mikeworth



Peggy Moriarty

Science Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4262

Brandie Neal

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4248

Joey Neill


765.342.5571 ext 4027

David Nuckles

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4228

Kelsey Patrick

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4239

Donna Peterson

English Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4041

Lisa Phillips

Technology Aide/ Artie Intel

765.342.5571 ext 4023

Shea Rafferty

English Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4246

Carri Randall

English Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4229

Jenny Rozzi

Special Services Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4071

Steve Roy

Vocational Teacher

765.342.5571 ext

Brian Samarzea

Music Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4044

Megan Sears

Athletic Trainer

765.342.5571 ext 4039

Jay Seib

Health/ Physical Education Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4051

Alejandra Shaffer

Social Worker

765.342.5571 ext 4202

Brandy Shumaker

English Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4232

Matt Smith

English Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4090

Willy Spina

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4097

Marci Stephens

Special Education Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4276

Emma Suter

Agriculture Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4284

Matt Taylor

Strength & Conditioning Teacher

765.342.5571 ext 4073

Paul Toler

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext. 4213

Daniel Urban

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext.4296

Greg Weiss


765.342.5571 ext 4065

Kody Wilkerson

Math Teacher

765.342.5571 ext. 

Robin Will

Instructional Assistant

765.342.5571 ext 4277

Danielle Wortman

Art Teacher

765.342.5571 ext. 4201

Vickie Wilson

Library Aide

765.342.5571 ext 4320

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