Student Activities

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Comedy Club

Purpose: To develop public speaking skills through the use of comedy.
Goal: To perform a 5 minute stand-up comedy routine before a live audience
Technique Development: comedic writing (joke writing, satire, parody), one liners, misdirection, improvisation, call back, closing line, segue and tie-in, topical joke, riffing, clack, sight gag, mic work, opener

Freshman Mentors

Purpose: To develop student leaders’ ability to facilitate new student transition to MHS
Goal: To create a network of current students who are able to assist incoming freshman and new enrollees to our school by helping them navigate the building and providing support. The main activity utilized is Freshman Orientation [two Fridays before the start of the school year] where freshman are provided with their schedules and meet in large and small groups—led by the mentor. In addition, these students are available the week prior to school starting for new enrollees—providing tours and answering questions. Contact Julie Presley, ext. 4020 or [email protected], for more information.

Future Educators of America (FEA)

Future Educators of America is a student organization dedicated to supporting young people interested in education related careers or working with children. Members have the opportunity to obtain classroom experience as an educator and to interact with other teachers and students in the community.

Gay - Straight Alliance (GSA)

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) provides an atmosphere of support, acceptance, and education of diversity for all students. This club is a place where LGBTQ students and their straight allies can meet to discuss issues of interest to them and their communities.

Martinsville Robotics Team

Our robotics team embraces modern technology through the construction and programming of robots. We promote higher education as something every team member shall strive to achieve. Primarily we use the VEX robotics system and attend 4 or more competitions each year. We meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4pm in Room 303 all year long. For more information contact Bill Heacock in room 303 or Email at [email protected]

MHS Athletics Captians Council

The Captain’s Council consists of student-athletes from all school sponsored sports that will meet during red club days with the athletic department. The objective of the Captain’s Council is to provide feedback and ideas to the athletic department that will strengthen our athletics, promote school spirit and provide leadership at all sporting events, home and away. This also gives athletes the time to strengthen their own leadership skills to benefit their teams and teammates.

Rosie Reading

Do you love to read? Get your READ ON! Join the Rosie Reading club! (Red Club Day)

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club tries to bring the Hispanic world just a little closer to MHS. Students enrolled in Spanish courses may use the Spanish Club to enrich their knowledge of Hispanic Culture. Students attend festivals, restaurants, and concerts from different Latin countries. They watch foreign films, do crafts from different countries, and even learn to dance salsa. There is something for everyone in the MHS Spanish Club!

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